Project Overview

ExLibiris' objective is to become the comprehensive site on the subject of gamebooks. The project started with a French focus as there is currently no comprehensive source of gamebook information. In English, a great resource exists (in however we believe improvements can be made with a more collaborative approach.

Beta Release

The objective for the beta release is to focus on integrating the images, varying editions and prints of the French “Livre dont vous êtes le héros” collection and the several original English series that compose this meta collection.


The driving force behind ExLibris is to enable users to submit images of and information for their own collections in order to build the library, and in turn, provide that information to the public. As such we are looking for some committed users to help with the initial release.

Submissions Needed

Essentially we are looking for datasheets and images of books that are not already in our database, or better quality images (i.e., scans of “more mint” books). 

Prior to the beta release, ask Ugo or Ryan what is needed. 

A list of series covered by the beta phase

Astre d'or, Chroniques crétoises, Défis et Sortilèges, , Défis fantastiques, Destins, Double jeu, Dragon d'or, Epouvante, Histoire, L'épée de légende, La voix du tigre, Le maître du destin, Les messagers du temps, Les portes interdites, Les terres de légende, Loup* Ardent, Loup Solitaire, Métamorphoses, Quête du Graal, Sherlock Holmes, Sorcellerie, Super Sherlock, Défis de l'Histoire, Virtual Reality, Double Game, Clash of The Princes, Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks, Horror Classic, Real Life Gamebooks, Blood Sword, The Way of the Tiger, Fatemaster, Forbidden Gateway, Sagas of the Demonspawn, Lone Wolf, Forbidden Gateway, Grailquest, Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries, Sorcery!, Adventure Gamebooks, The Adventures of Goldhawk, Legend of Skyfall, The World of Lone Wolf, Dragon Warriors, Fighting Fantasy

Submission Guide

For consistency, ideally all submissions will use the following methods, but of course all help is welcomed (i.e. you don’t have a scanner).

Submission Contents

A submission consists of the following:

  • Scan of the front cover

  • Scan of the back cover

  • Scan of the spine

  • Photograph of the copyright page - essential for determining print number


The front cover, back cover, and spine of the book should be scanned.

Scanner Settings

Scans must be in an image format, ideally png (i.e., not PDF so that they can be rotated and cropped.




300 dpi

Data Format


Scanner Method

Scans look best with a black background, so it is recommended that a black fabric (e.g., a black t-shirt) is placed over the book when scanning OR depending on how your scanner works, just leave the cover open.

No scanner, no problem

Of course we don’t all have scanners on hand; but most of us have a phone that takes decent pictures or a camera.

Follow these guidelines for best results :

  1. Photographs should be taken from above with as little perspective as possible;

  2. Use a black or dark background;

  3. Have ambient lighting to avoid spots and shiny areas in the picture.

This is acceptable even though a darker background would’ve been nice.

This won’t do: too much perspective, spot lights.

Copyright page

The copyright page should be photographed. Attempting to scan this page will damage your book. Do not overcrop this photograph. A full page is welcome.


Scans and photographs should be cropped and rotated.

Scanned Images

A “bleed” should be left around the book.

Be careful not to overcrop edges.

Image Software

Paint 3D can be used to crop and rotate images.

File/Folder Naming

File Names

File names are not important as they are assigned when images are uploaded to the site.

Folder Names

Folder names are important and should include enough information about the submission to identify it and differentiate it from other submissions. Use sub-folders if necessary.

As a guide please follow the following naming convention:

-› book#. Title, Edition, print# [edition specifics]_your name

-› 01. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Original (UK), 7th [Star]_Ryan_Lynch

All files should be put within the same folder.


After initial contact with either Ugo or Ryan, a procedure will be proposed for you to upload your scans.

Your uploads will be reviewed by Ugo or Ryan and then processed to be published to