Entering public beta

Public testing is a big step for us and we are already planning many features that will be available in the near future. We hope you enjoy ExLibris as much as we enjoy working on it!

Obviously, your contribution will be of great value in making ExLibris the reference it will become. The Submit a Book feature is YOUR gateway to contribute to this great project. Take the time to enter your collection and become an integral part of ExLibris!

Of course, your comments on the website will be welcome in the months to come; take the time to contact us as soon as you find a bug or content error that you may have encountered while browsing. We ask you to be constructive, patient and understanding, but also take the time to share your general experience with us in order to help us shape the future of exlibris!

A work in progress

By visiting ExLibris, you will quickly notice that we are not yet the ultimate source of information. That's to be expected: the world of gamebooks is vast, to say the least, and every entry we make is cross-checked to give you the best information available.

We do our best to improve the content of ExLibris by adding new titles, fixing bugs and adding features regularly. Once again, the great added value of this site is that it evolves with and thanks to you! Let us know what would make your gamebook collecting experience even better via our feedback form ! If something gets enough interest (a particular feature for example), we'll consider putting in more sooner rather than later.

Your input is valuable.

Do you know a collection of books particularly well? Do you have a large collection of rare stuff and want to scan/take pictures? Or maybe you collect a certain kind of book? In either case, do not hesitate to let us know, your book scans and your knowledge will be welcome and you will quickly find your place in the ExLibris.to community.

And with that, good research fellow ExLibrists!