On November 17, 2017, 8:22

The precise moment when the idea that would become ExLibris was born.

My collection was progressing slowly and I was sorting and comparing duplicates before an exchange. This is where I noticed a variation on the title "L'Héritage de Vashna", a so-called V2 edition from the end of the 90s. Indeed, one had the name of the collection in gold and the other in blue. The next moment, I was rummaging through the boxes to find other variants; "La Guerre des Runes" has manifested. And from there the fateful questioning about the LDVELH-Québec group:

The finding

My friend Patof's response was indicative of a common problem for collectors: finding accurate and complete information. It is therefore from this observation that the mission of ExLibris.to was born: "To become the reference for information in the field of game books and fantasy literature".

The draft

I quickly set up a collaborative file so that members of the community could tour their collection and add their finds. In a few days the document was well filled out and it will have lived for 4 years before being revised and clarified. Today, this document is a source of information to fill the ExLibris database.


5 years later, the ExLibris beta is taking shape. It took a lot of thought, input and, it must be said, money, to manage to set up a solid and flexible platform to host this project.

Good research!