The description of the site is created, maintained and edited by Ugo Gagné. aims to list, document and present the printed universe of interactive literature, role-playing games and fictional literature in general. offers users the ability to list their collections and suggest changes to site content.

The rights and obligations of the user

The user can create a personal account in order to take advantage of all the services offered by exlibris. The user may, at any time, delete his account and the personal information linked to it. The user agrees to: protect his personal information, use the site in accordance with its intended purpose, not attempt to harm the proper functioning of the site.

The rights and obligations of the publisher

The editor commits to maintain the proper functioning and access to the site. In the event of closure of the site, the editor commits to maintain a grace period in order to allow the recovery of personal information. The editor cannot be held responsible for losses related to fraudulent use of the site by a third party.

The conditions of use of public free exchange spaces or between users

In the spaces where the user can publish content, the user agrees to: remain courteous at all times, not advertise services other than those offered by exlibris (unless expressly authorized by the editor) , not to offer material protected by copyright or other infringement, not to offer illegal material. The editor cannot be held responsible for abusive comments, publications of content infringing the intellectual property rights of a third party or otherwise illegal by its members. However, the editor commits to remove any offensive or illegal content on request.

The editor's limited liability for hypertext links

Redirection links on the site may point to third-party sites. The editor cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party sites.

Intellectual property uses photos and texts belonging to their authors and rights holders in order to document and enhance the work in question. therefore engages the notion of fair usage for all images, texts, logos and other representation of the work of a third party on the site.

It is forbidden to use the contents (images, video, texts, etc.) of the site without the explicit approval of the author. All content is the property of their respective authors, rights holders or the editor, as the case may be.

Dispute settlement methods

In the event of a conflict, the editor commits to communicate with the parties in order to find a settlement. The editor can, at any time and without notice, remove the access of a member who contravenes his obligations.